Oct 7, 2013

Unique gem-stone: Sparkling opal

As a brand jewelry designer, I have the most freedom to create my collections every year. But like any jewelry designer, sometimes I will be fascinated by some unique gem-stones, and will create a new collection out of them. One example is my New age opal collection that was inspired by a lot of faceted opals that one of my Brazilian gem-stone cutters brought to me a few years ago. "Sabina, look at these sparkling opals, do you like to create a collection out of them?" Opals are usually opaque. I was intrigued by these sparkling ones.

After negotiating a reasonable price for these stones, I start doing my designs. By the way, as a designer, I also need to put myself in the shoes of my final customers, can they afford the prices of the stones that my stone dealers ask? On the other hand, I must also make a meaningful purpose from my suppliers so that they will be glad to bring me more interesting stones in the future. Having taking account of the softness of the stones, and their rarity, I created my New Age collection, and below is one of the Opal rings that I created, set with Opal, diamonds and colored sapphires.
Green G. - New age Opal ring

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