Mar 19, 2013

Gift-giving and fine jewelry

Fine jewelries are very personal. Watches are bought by brand, jewelries are bought to reflect a person's taste and personality. Sometimes that makes it difficult to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift. And the factor of culture also comes into the picture.

In Italy, a man buys jewelries for his lover or wife. About 70% of jewelries in Italy are bought by men for women.  Why? Because Italian men believe themselves to be romantic. I should know the taste and personality of my lady! So claimed the Italian men. Perhaps it is true. Italian women do not complain!

In Japan it is different. A Japanese man may buy a ring with a big diamond for his lover or wife. And she will be happy. But for designer pieces, the Japanese lady will take time to walk around the jewelers first. She has ample time for this important task because usually she will be a full time housewife. Then when the occasion comes, such as an anniversary, she will tacitly give hint to her lover or husband, which shop and which piece she likes.

American women like to buy jewelries by themselves. If she is a working lady, she will buy her own jewelry. If she is a full time housewife, she will indicate exactly what kind of jewelry she expects to get. Her lover or husband does not need to have any guess work.

Gift-giving for mothers or grandmothers is different. It is quite similar across cultures. A son or daughter usually choose diamond or colored gem stone in classic design with good craftsmanship. It is believed that the older generation prefer something of lasting value and not too fashionable. No complaint from the Mom too. She will be most delighted to receive any gifts from her children. Always no complain, as all good Moms do!

My all time classic Prestige Rose

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  1. OMG! I need to make a gift for my girlfriend this month. I think it will be some fine jewelry :)


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